It’s been a hot minute…

For several reasons, really. I’m going to always play the school card when I lag on posts (school comes first, kids!), so that’s just what it is…
But lately, I’ve been finding myself lamenting over things past and present in a really heavy way. Have you ever felt like that? I’m sure nobody’s going to say “no.” I’ve been lamenting over what turned out, what didn’t, and how I’ve spent the small part of my life (thus far) that is my adult life being sad for what was and no longer is. (Can we be vague-er, Colleen? Yes, don’t encourage me.)

So, for a few weeks even, I’ve gone to bed agitated and sometimes with a tear-stained face and of course woke up feeling like I was hung over when I could not be more sober. This morning I woke up a bit more spunky (not perfect, but it’s a start) and I read this article: Proudly Bearing Elders’ Scars, Their Skin Says ‘Never Forget.’

And then I was like: Girl, you’re gonna be okay.
Life does that, I guess. Throws you some shit and then throws you some perspective (if you choose to pay attention).

A few other things that got my life right recently:

hemp seeds

my kitty cats

my mom, my brother, the Boy, and some rad friends

President Obama who came to my school and spoke nothing but truths about equality and what we need to do to start to achieve it

AAANNNDD, this concert got me right, even though I wasn’t there (and not to ruin any surprises, but girl does a tricked-out Reggae version of my FAVORITE song, which happens to be the center of the first post I ever created up in here):


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