Don’t get it twisted…

Being in school is a distinct privilege. I look around sometimes and see all these kids who don’t give a damn about what they’re doing, who aren’t working toward anything, and don’t give a shit about where all that money came from and to where it’s going (and of course, I’ve been that kid at times).

Even if you have to take out loans to go to school (most of us do), the fact that you can even dream up going to school for something you’re just plain interested in is nothing short of incredible. The fact that college campuses provide so many programs from social, to career fairs, to libraries with a myriad of online sources and books that you never thought existed (something that many others never get a chance to experience) is amazing.

So, for any and all of you in school, whether it’s high school or your third degree or taking classes at a community college: and don’t get it twisted, you’re not really broke. If you can go to school, chances are you also have access to enough food, and a roof over your head and probably a personal computer (I see ya’ll walking around with your $1000 Mac Books!). Just ’cause you can’t afford some new clothes or to go out to dinner doesn’t mean you’re broke. You’re in the best position you could possibly be for having very little money.

And next time you get stressed out over due dates and shit, remember that while they matter in your own little world, on a macro-level they’re not that deep, and neither you nor your problems are that important.
Anyway, why is Frank Ocean so damn incredible?



  1. I love that you have a blog. I agree with Steve, it’s like you’re really here!
    And I’m new to the whole Frank Ocean game, but let me tell you.. I like what I hear! 😛 Such a great post and a great message to all. I can’t wait to hear from you more… [beethoven]

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