Ain’t it true!?

Hi Everyone… it’s been a hot minute. I can’t believe it has been almost a week since I checked in (especially since I keep writing but not posting! Bad habit… it’s the perfectionist mentality creepin’ up).

I’ve been thinking a lot, as per usual, but in terms of how I treat myself and others and of course, everytime something senseless and tragic happens in the world–every second of everyday in fact, but things get left out of the news because they’re too far away or aren’t related to pop culture, as the case may be. But every human/animal life is important–and so is the life of our planet, yo! Don’t fuck up your home ’cause it’ll bite back (have you EXPERIENCED those temperatures this summer? Yeah…).

Anyway, this song has been on repeat on my iPod when I’m running, or driving or chillin’ in my house… just on the constant. And in fact, it often runs through my head when I read about (or experience!) something stupid, tragic, mean-spirited, etc. Enjoy, and I’ll be back soon with some food, some friends, some workin’ out, some music, and some musings πŸ™‚


Ain’t it so true:



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